Electrooptical real-time analysis of bacterial cultures in vivo with EloTrace
The EloTrace unit from biotronix is a worldwide novel measurement tool for exploration of basic bacterial parameters in vivo. EloTrace combines all necessary functions of probe sampling and probe preparation with electrooptical measurement in as yet unseen quality. No expensive chemicals are needed. Intelligent software makes it easy to use.

Advantages of EloTrace:
  • Determination of cell activity, stress levels, cell size and morphological changes
  • Observation of division frequency and prediction of culture development
  • Prediction of time points with higher cell vitality
  • Selection of optimal time points of inoculation, induction and harvest
Areas of application:
  • Production of recombinant proteins and other biosubstances
  • Production of vaccines
  • Production of starter cultures, probiotic and competent cells
  • High density fermentation
  • Quality assurance and process validation of fermentations
  • Many other fermentation strategies

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EloTrace Unit
EloTrace Unit
EloTrace Unit

EloTrace Unit

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