Electrooptical tracing is beginning to modernize many biotechnological processes. Countless fermentation processes can be directly optimized in order to maximize the potential of each improved strain. biotronix offers contract research services based on electrooptical monitoring. Our service focuses on developing new products, process optimization and product yield improvements to handle the diverse needs of its clients. The work is performed by our all-round team. Ask for help to develop and optimize your various bioprocesses.

  • Strain adaptation
  • Selection of optimal media and points in time of inoculation, induction and harvest
  • Pilot testing and commercial fermentations
  • Quality assurance, checking of reproducibility
  • Determination of cell activity profiles, stress levels, cell size and morphological changes during the fermentation process
  • Process development and optimization
  • Improvement of already existing bioprocesses
  • Developing new bio-based products (e.g., vaccines, inoculants, nutraceuticals)
  • Product yield improvements
  • Manufacture of trial material and final product (e.g., vaccines)
  • Prediction of points in time with higher cell vitality and activity
  • Scale-up from bench top to 100-liter fermentation

The EloTrace-Team offers flexible scheduling and enthusiastic, efficient, confidential service. Our technical and business solutions are custom tailored to address your needs - small or large.

One example of our service packages:
  • Electrooptical tracing of one fermentation (max. 6 h) at your production facility

  • Full costs for analysis: 750 Euro
    In addition maybe costs for journey and overnight stay

    Please ask for variations e.g. fermentation at biotronix in house etc.

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